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Fall 2018 Activism Schedule

Fall Voter Registration and Activism

Our current activism schedule contains a bunch of events, like festivals and voter registration. As is stands, our schedule looks like this:

Start End Type Location City Organizer
9/15 9/15 Festival Day 1 Saint Bernard Church Tracy Na’ama Firestone
9/15 9/15 Tracy Mexican Independence Celebration Lincoln Park Tracy Na’ama Firestone
9/16 9/16 Festival Day 2 Saint Bernard Church Tracy Na’ama Firestone
9/22 9/22 Festival Day 1 Saint Stanislaus Church Modesto Na’ama Firestone
9/23 9/23 Festival Day 2 Saint Stanislaus Church Modesto Na’ama Firestone
9/22 9/23 Voter Reg Holy Family Modesto Bill Roth
9/30 9/30 Festival Saint Frances of Rome Riverbank Na’ama Firestone
10/6 10/6 Festival Day 1 Saint Jude’s Ceres Na’ama Firestone
10/7 10/7 Festival Day 2 Saint Jude’s Ceres Na’ama Firestone
10/22 Same Deadline Last day to Register to Vote
11/5 Same Monday before elections day GOTV D10 All Bill Roth
11/6 Same Election Day GOTV D10 All Bill Roth


The festival program is being run by Na’ama Firestone. She writes:

Here is a unique and exciting opportunity to engage Latino voters in Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties which comprise California’s Congressional District 10.
I am blessed to have made a connection with Father Misael, and through Father Misael, a connection to other Catholic priests who are committed to encouraging their congregants to vote and vote for candidates who will protect immigrants and their families, protect affordable health care to all, and support a tax code that works for working people.  
Through this connection, during the month of September and early October we will have the opportunity to engage thousands of Latino Catholics, registering them to vote and supporting them to cast their votes in the upcoming election. 
I am hoping that through you and the Grupo de Solidaridad community we will be able to recruit volunteers to engage voters in large community church festivals held by each of the churches in September and October.  
We need everybody, but Spanish speaking volunteers are especially needed. 
Here is how it’ll work:
Each of the Catholic churches holds a huge community festival in the Fall, drawing the majority of its congregants, neighbors and community members.
These (mostly) weekend-long festivals each draw thousands of people.
With the priests’ blessing (literally), festival-goers will be encouraged to register to vote and provide us with their contact info. It’s like canvassing, but better: our target population will all gather in one place and will be encouraged to connect with us…
Sept. 15 and 16, St. Bernard Catholic Church, Tracy
Sept. 22 and 23, St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, Modesto
Sept. 30, St. Frances of Rome Catholic Church, Riverbank
Oct. 6, Oct. 7, St. Jude’s Catholic Church, Ceres

Times:  The festivals run all day, both Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 5pm.  

Volunteers can sign up for the whole day or opt for a half day shift:
Option 1: 
All day; 9:30-5:00 
Option 2:
Shift 1: 9:30am -1:30pm

Shift 2: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

What we will do:  
— a brief training at the start of each shift
— we will all wear vests or buttons identifying ourselves as voter registration volunteers
— some of us will “person” a booth, helping potential voters fill out voter registration forms
— others will mingle in the crowd, engaging people, getting their contact info to help them fill out their voter ballots in the coming weeks
— for the events in late September and October, we will also have voter guides, helping people sort out the issues and candidates, to make voting easy

Please let me know if I can count you in. Volunteers can email me directly and let me know the following:

– date and time(s) they want to volunteer
– their cell phone number
– whether they speak Spanish.  
Once we have our volunteer teams, we’ll figure out carpools and all of the other logistics. 
Please contact her if you are interested

Voter Registration

I’ll be leading voter registration to churches. Let me know if you are interested. Email me here.

Get Out The Vote

One of the core things you can to do help people to vote is to drive them to the polls. If you are interested in this, email me.