Great Announcement Text

Fr. Avila write a great text for an announcement of voter registration after Mass. I thought it was worth posting, as it describes why we do this.


Today after mass if you are a US citizen, you will have the opportunity to register to vote so that you can participate in this year‘s midterm elections. I really encourage you to do it.
Here are 5 good reasons for voting:


It is your duty as a citizen and as a good Catholic:

Pope Francis says: “We need to participate for the common good. Sometimes we hear: a good Catholic is not interested in politics. This is not true: good Catholics immerse themselves in politics by offering the best of themselves so that the leader can govern.”


Voting is your voice

Elected officials pay attention to who is taking the time to cast a vote. It is a way to make them accountable for what they promise.


It promotes change

You’ve probably complained about lack of job opportunities or discrimination or many other things that you don’t like. But what are you doing about it? Your vote is a tool to promote the change you want.


Voting is a right

Voting is a right generations of Americans struggled to win ― and people in other countries are still fighting for. Citizens may take their right to vote for granted, but it wasn’t truly that long ago when entire swaths of the population ― like women ― were denied that right.

Your vote counts:

While some people may think that voting is not necessary, one vote can change the entire outcome of an election.
Hoy después de misa si eres ciudadano tendrás la oportunidad de registrarte para votar y participar en las elecciones de este año.
Éstas son 5 razones por las que deberías de votar:


Es tu deber como ciudadano y como buen católico:

El papa Francisco dice:”Tenemos que participar en el bien común. A veces se escucha decir: a un buen católico no le interesa la política. Eso no es verdad: Los buenos católicos se involucran en la política ofreciendo lo mejor de sí mismos para que los líderes pueden gobernar.”

El voto es tu voz:

Los políticos le ponen atención a los que votan. Esta es una forma de presionarlos para que cumplan lo que prometen.


Promueve el cambio:

Posiblemente te has quejado de la falta de oportunidades de trabajo o la descriminación o tantas otras cosas que no te gustan. Pero qué es lo que estás haciendo al respecto? Tu voto es una herramienta para promover el cambio que deseas.


El votar es un derecho:

El votar es un derecho que generaciones de americanos consiguieron con mucho esfuerzo. En algunos países todavía están luchando para conseguir este derecho. Muchas veces no valoramos este derecho de poder votar, pero no hace mucho tiempo que algunos grupos, como las mujeres se les negaba este derecho.


Tu voto cuenta:

Hay algunas personas que piensan que su voto no es necesario, pero un solo voto puede cambiar el resultado de una elección.

This week’s voter reg locations 4/16

GDS folks,

Here are this weeks voter reg locations. I’ll be checking in with the Parishes to make contact. Check back here for an update to the status.

Also: Since Turlock and Lathrop are in CA-10, the on-the-ground organizers will lead those parishes.

Weekend of April 21-22

St. Frances of Rome, Riverbank:

Assumption Church, Turlock(PT),

Our Lady of Guadalupe
16200 Cambridge Dr
Lathrop 95330

St Gertrude’s Church,

St Linus Church
2620 South B st
Stockton CA 95206


St Mary’s  Church
203 E Washington St
Stockton Ca 95202


Voter Registration Update 4/12/18

As many of you have seen, we have kicked off our Voter Registration efforts. It will strictly be non-partisan voter registration in the spirit of Faithful Citizenship.

I wanted to update you to our schedule.

As of today, we have the following list of parishes who would like to collaborate with us on voter registration. Needless to say, we’ll need your help to make this happen. Don’t forget to sign up.

April 14-15

Sacred Heart, Patterson,


St Joachim’s Church
1121 Main St
Newman Ca 95360

April 21-22

St Gertrude’s Church,

Assumption Church, Turlock,

St Linus Church
2620 South B st
Stockton CA 95206

Our Lady of Guadalupe
16200 Cambridge Dr
Lathrop 95330

St Mary’s  Church
203 E Washington St
Stockton Ca 95202

April 28-29

St Stanislaus,

St Bernadette’s, Stockton,

St Michael’s

May 5-6

St Anthony’s Church,

Holy Family, Modesto,

May 12-13

Cathedral of the Annunciation, Stockton