Weekly Communique: Christ the King

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November 22, 2019

YES! MISA at Newman Center
This Sunday

The next Misa will be 
Sunday, November 24 at 9 am
at SJSU Newman Center 
corner of San Carlos and 10th Street.   

¡SI HAY MISA en Centro Newman
este domingo!

La proxima misa solidaridad sera
el 24 de noviembre a las 9 am
SJSU Newman Center
esquina de San Carlos y Calle 10. 


Getting ready for our Tuesday Night Community Market. Serving over 500 people each Tuesday, market goers can get a hot meal, medical care, immigration consultation at no cost and service information on housing and other vital community services. The Market is coordinated by our Parish Engagement Pilot project with Our Lady of Refuge volunteers, Second Harvest Food Bank, Martha’s Kitchen, Gardner Health Services and Immigration Legal Services of Catholic Charities.

Gospel Reflection: Christ the King
This week we present excerpts of St. Oscar Romero’s homily from the Feast of Christ the King, taken from St. Oscar Romero, Christ the King (Year C), 20 November 1977

…When history comes to an end, the priestly, messianic, temporal mission of Christ will also come to an end. That is when the final judgment will begin, the tremendous event described in the Gospel of Saint Matthew. Those who obeyed will be placed on the right and told, «Come, blessed of my Father, to inherit the kingdom, a kingdom that I conquered on earth and now turn over to the Father so that he can be all in all» (Matt 25:34).

My sisters and brothers, I predict all of you on that day will be found on the right hand of the Judge and be called «blessed of the Father» because of the priestly forgiveness of Christ. On the other side will be the reprobates, those who have not taken advantage of God’s mercy, those who instead of listening to the merciful voice of the church have slandered and defamed her, those who have built walls against the kingdom of God, those who sin against the Holy Spirit, those who have hindered the kingdom of Christ on earth. If they are not con- verted in time, then the sentence will be passed and they will be judged. Christ will say to them, «Depart from me, you accursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the rebellious devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me no food. I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, a stranger and you gave me no welcome, naked and you gave me no clothing. I was imprisoned, one of the disappeared, one of the murdered, and you showed me no mercy». Surprised, the reprobates will ask him, «When, Lord?» And he will say, «When you hurt one of these least sisters and brothers, you hurt me» (Matt 25:41-45).

If only we realized, sisters and brothers, how Christ becomes incarnate in every person during this messianic time—how we would respect one another, how we would love one another! Exploitation of one another would disappear! In the presence of Christ there are no social classes. Christ is fully present in everyone, even the most destitute, even the most wealthy. Christ is in all of us. Justice does not call for hating the rich or despising the poor because Christ wishes to establish his law of love on this earth. This is the temporal kingdom of Christ. When he tells Pilate, «My kingdom does not belong to this world» (John18:36), and when he flees from the crowds who want to make him king (John 6:15), it is not because he has no power over the things of earth but rather because he wants us to administer these things according to his ideals. Legislators, government officials, and judges are not the owners of the nation; they do not own justice or the laws. They are administrators of the reign of Christ, and they must administer justice, the government, and the common good according to the ideals of the just king, the king of love and solidarity. If an official does not fulfill this supreme law of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, he will be a useless scourge because after punishing a people he will be cast into the eternal fires.

My sisters and brothers, this is history in the light of Christ the King. When the final consummation—the eschatological kingdom—arrives, as I explained last Sunday, then those who walk with Christ will make that luminous pilgrimage toward the kingdom of heaven to possess happiness forever while the condemned will go to eternal punishment. The church will rejoice in having initiated God’s kingdom on earth, and she will be gathered up by the Divine Shepherd among the number of those who are saved.

I am not saying that only those who belong to the church will be saved. In the Mass there is the beautiful prayer: «Oh God, you extended your merciful hand so that everyone who looks for you might find you».5 Once I explained to you that there are non-Christian religions whose members have not known Christ, but they live according to an irreproachable morality, better than that of many Christians. They will be saved while many Christians will not, for it is not enough just to be in the body of the church which is the kingdom of Christ— many sinful people are just in the body—it is necessary to be in the heart of the church (LG 16). Those who are outside the geographical, visible limits of the hierarchical church but fulfill the law of God by the light of Christ that reaches them mysteriously —these individuals are more in the heart of this church of Christ than many who live in the church but are not faithful to the church.

Therefore, sisters and brothers, in the light of Christ the King let us see how these three titles of Jesus—Prophet, Priest, and King—are characteristics that baptism gives to all baptized persons so that they may collaborate with Christ. As priests, all Christians have to collaborate so that the world may be consecrated to God. Parents, young people, children, all those baptized should feel themselves to be a priestly people, and by the kingship of Christ our Lord they should bring light into their homes, their businesses, their farms, their estates, their work, their shops, and all their activities.

How beautiful will be the day when all the baptized understand that their profession or their job is priestly work. Just as I am going to celebrate Mass at this altar, so each carpenter celebrates Mass at his workbench, and each metalworker, each professional, each doctor with his scalpel, the market woman at her stand—they are performing a priestly office! How many cabdrivers—I know they listen to this message in their taxis!—you, dear motorists, are priests at the wheel if you work with honesty, consecrating that taxi of yours to God and bearing a message of peace and love to the passen- gers who ride in your car. And so, sisters and brothers, how much good we would do if, instead of defaming and discred- iting and hating, we worked together with Christ as one priestly people to orient this created nature toward God!

Christ has also made us prophets who participate in his mission of communicating his word and his message. The father of a family is priest and prophet in his home. He has to correct and guide. Likewise the professional and the employer. Likewise everyone, sisters and brothers! There is no one here in the cathedral, no one listening to me on the radio, who does not have a prophetic mission, the prophetic mission of announcing the kingdom of Christ and denouncing sins against this kingdom and bringing the whole world to Christ.

Finally, there is the function of Christ the King. His royalty means a social kingdom, a kingdom of Christian justice, love, and peace. We all have to work together so that the rights of the children of God are respected in the goods created by God—the harvests now being reaped; the laws; the social, political, and economic structures. May the kingdom of God be truly a reality that opens the way for the preaching of the Gospel.

Thank you, my sisters and brothers, for listening to me and for reflecting with me. I invite you to celebrate this Mass as a people intimately united with that presence that is still invisible. In the host and in the chalice Christ is not seen but is present, and that is enough for a Christian. Christ is here in the midst of Christian society, in the midst of the base communities. Wherever people are now gathered together to reflect, there is Christ. Here in the cathedral Christ is you, sisters and brothers! This Christ lives! Let us place our hope in him! Let us not despair! It is true, as I told you, that we have been through a week that seems to portend a new phase of terror and fear and violence, but may God prevent it. As Christians, do not be ruled by fear. In your hearts have the certainty that Christ lives! He lives and offers us the solutions to all our problems! He asks us only that we not be deaf, much less persecutors of his message. Rather, let us hear his message and above all try to live it. Let us not put the blame for evil on others. Let us look at ourselves to see whether we have really lived as true followers of Christ the Prophet, Christ the Priest, and Christ the King!

Weekly Intercessions

Christ is the population of the world,
and every object as well.
There is no room for hypocrisy.
What are use better soup for healing when Sweet water is everywhere?


Let us pray for those who give witness to the power and majesty of God’s reign with valiant acts of com- passion in the face of indifference. We lift up those who rescue refugees from Africa and the thousands of volunteers who care for Central American refugees along the US-Mexico border even as the tide of fas- cism and anti-refugee sentiment sweeps across the European continent and America.

Let us pray for those in the Church who imitate Christ by embracing those who have been shunned by Church. We lift up the efforts of New Ways Ministry and all Catholics who have chosen to embrace their LGBTQ friends and family members rather than shame and ostracize them.

Let us pray for those who are incarcerated, especially those like Rodney Reed whose trials were unfair and whose rights were trampled. We pray also for the Innocence Project whose efforts to free innocent men and women from prison, that those who are unjustly incarcerated have their day in court and those who fight for their rights, never falter in their resolve.
We pray for the world that we live in: the at- mosphere, land, and ocean and all the creatures that inhabit this blue planet that sails through the vastness of space. We pray for people like Greta Thunberg and all the young people who fight to protect the envi- ronment and preserve the thousands of species facing extinction.

Reflexión sobre el Evangelio: Cristo Rey

Esta semana presentamos extractos de la homilía de San Oscar Romero de la Fiesta de Cristo Rey, tomada de San Oscar Romero, Cristo Rey (Año C), 20 de noviembre de 1977

Hermanos, ésta es la historia bajo la luz de Cristo rey. Y cuando llegue la consumación final, el reino escatológico, que ya lo explicamos en otro domingo, cuando Cristo caminando en esa peregrinación luminosa hacia el reino de los cielos a poseer la felicidad para siempre (y mientras van los réprobos también camino de su castigo eterno), qué feliz será que esta Iglesia que ya inició el reino de Dios en la tierra, toda ella congregada por su pastor divino, se encuentre en ese número de los que se salvan. No digo que sólo los de la Iglesia se salvan. En la misma se dice, muy hermoso: “Oh Dios, que tendiste tu mano misericordiosa para que la encuentres todo el que te busca”. Ya les expliqué en una ocasión que hay religiones paganas, que no son cristianas, no han conocido a Cristo, pero sus hombres viven con una moral intachable, mejor que la de muchos cristianos, y ellos se salvarán, y no muchos cristianos, porque no basta estar en el cuerpo de la Iglesia que es el reino de Cristo (pero muchos sólo están en el cuerpo en pecados, sino que hay que estar en el corazón de la Iglesia. Y los que están fuera de los límites geográficos o visibles, jerárquicos, de la Iglesia, pero cumplen la ley de Dios por la iluminación de Cristo que misteriosamente les está llegando, ellos están el corazón de esa Iglesia de Cristo, mejor que muchos que viven en la Iglesia, pero no viven la Iglesia.

Por eso, hermanos, es necesario que a la luz de Cristo rey, examinemos que esas tres categorías de Cristo, profeta, sacerdote y rey, son características que el bautismo ha dado a cada bautizado, para que colabore con Cristo. Como sacerdote, cada cristiano tiene que colaborar para que el mundo sea consagrado a Dios. El padre de familia, la madre de familia, los jóvenes, los niños, los bautizados todos tienen que sentirse pueblo sacerdotal y hacer que su hogar, su empresa, su hacien- da, su finca, su negocio, su trabajo, su taller, todo sea iluminado por esta realeza de Cristo nuestro Señor.

Qué hermoso será el día en que cada bautizado comprenda que su profesión, su trabajo, es un trabajo sacerdotal, que así como yo voy a celebrar la misa en este altar, cada carpintero celebra su misa en su banco de carpintería, cada hojalatero, cada profesional, cada médico con su bisturí, la señora del mercado en su puesto, están haciendo un oficio sacerdotal. Cuántos motoristas sé que escuchan esta palabra allá en sus taxis; pues tú, querido motorista, junto a tu volante, eres un sacerdote si trabajas con honradez, consagrando a Dios ese tu taxi, llevando un mensaje de paz y de amor a tus clientes que van en tu cuerpo.


Y así, hermanos, cuánto bien haríamos si en vez de difamarnos desacreditarnos, y odiarnos, trabajáramos como un solo pueblo sacerdotal, orientando con Cristo hacia Dios esta naturaleza creada para Dios. Y como profeta, Cristo nos ha hecho también participantes de su misión de llevar la palabra, el mensaje. El padre de familia es sacerdote en su hogar y profeta. Tiene que corregir, tiene que orientar. El patrono, el profesional también tienen, todos, hermanos, aquí no hay nadie en la Catedral, no los que están escuchando por radio, no hay nadie que no tenga una misión profética, la misión profética de anunciar el reino de Cristo, de denunciar los pecados contra este reino y de atraer a todo el mundo hacia Cristo.

Y finalmente, la función de Cristo rey; su realeza quiere decir un reino social, un reino de justicia cristiana, de amor y de paz. Todos tenemos que colaborar para que los bienes creados por Dios las cosechas que ahora se están levantando, las leyes, las estructura sociales, económicas, políticas, respeten los derechos de los hijos de Dios. Sea el reino de Dios verdaderamente una realidad que abre los caminos a la predicación del evangelio.

Gracias, hermanos, por escucharme y por reflexionar. Yo les invito a que celebremos esta misa íntima- mente unidos, con esa presencia que todavía es invisible. En la hostia y en el cáliz Cristo no se ve, pero está. Y eso basta a un cristiano. Está Cristo aquí en medio de la sociedad cristiana; en medio de esas co- munidades de base, donde ahora están reunidos reflexionando, ahí está Cristo. Aquí en Catedral, Cristo es ustedes, hermanos. Este Cristo vive. En El pongamos nuestra esperanza. No desesperemos. Cierto, les decía que hemos vivido una semana que inicia, parece, una nueva fase de terror, de miedo, de violencias quiera Dios que no. Los cristianos, desde luego, no se dejen llevar por el miedo, vivan en su corazón la certeza de que Cristo vive. Vive ofreciéndonos todas las soluciones de los problemas. Únicamente nos pide que no seamos sordos mucho menos perseguidores de su mensaje, sino que lo escuchemos y trate- mos, sobre todo, de vivirlo. No señalemos en otros las culpas de los males. Veamos a nosotros mismos, si hemos vivido realmente como verdaderos seguidores del Cristo Profeta, del Cristo sacerdote, del Cristo rey.

Intercesiónes semanales

Cristo es la población del mundo, y también todos los objetos.
No hay espacio para la hipocresía.
¿Para qué utilizar la sopa amarga para curarnos
cuando hay agua dulce
en todas partes?

Traducido por Maria Brindle; Edición Antonio Venzor

Oremos por aquellos que dan testimonio del poder y la majestad del reino de Dios con actos de compasión frente a la indiferencia. Levantamos a los que rescatan refugiados de África y a los miles de voluntarios que cuidan a los refugiados centroamericanos a lo largo de la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México, incluso cuando la sombra oscura del fascismo y el sentimiento contra los refugiados se extiende por el continente europeo y América.

Oremos por aquellos en la Iglesia que imitan a Cristo abrazando a aquellos que han sido rechazados por la Iglesia. Elevamos los esfuerzos del Ministerio New Ways y de todos los católicos que han elegido abrazar a sus amigos y familiares LGBTQ en lugar de avergonzarlos y aislarlos.

Oremos por aquellos que están encarcelados, especialmente aquellos como Rodney Reed, cuyos juicios fueron injustos y cuyos derechos fueron pisoteados. Oramos también por el Project Innocence, cuyos esfuerzos para liberar a hombres y mujeres inocentes de la prisión, para que aquellos que están encarcelados injustamente tengan su día en la corte y aquellos que luchan por sus derechos, nunca vacilan en su resolución.

Oramos por el mundo en el que vivimos: la atmósfera, la tierra y el océano y todas las criaturas que habitan en este planeta azul que navega a través de la inmensidad del espacio. Oramos por personas como Greta Thunberg y todos los jóvenes que luchan por proteger el medio ambiente y preservar las miles de especies que se enfrentan a la extinción.



News – Noticias





SATURDAY, January 11, 10am-12pm Sacred Heart Community Service 1381 South First St, Sa Jose 95110

You must register to attend.  Click here:



Marvelyn needs your help!

Marvelyn Maldonado is a beloved member of her community and Grupo Solidaridad. She has devoted her life to service:  as a principal and educator, PACT leader, eucharistic minister and leader at her parish Our Lady of Guadalupe, and social activist. She now needs your help as she is in desperate need of a liver transplant. She is on the wait list, but the list is very long, and she cannot wait much longer. Her doctors have advised her it would be best to find a living donor. This is where you can help:  If you know someone who is age 18 to 55, with a BMI less than 35, and in good health, they may be able to save Marvelyn’s life. Did you know the liver regenerates? Which means you can donate a portion of your healthy liver and it will grow back!  Please consider donating the gift of life to Marvelyn.  Take the first step by following this link: 

¡Marvelyn necesita su ayuda!
Marvelyn Maldonado es un miembro querido de su comunidad y del Grupo Solidaridad. Ella ha dedicado su vida al servicio: como directora y educadora, líder de PACT, ministra de eucarística y líder de su parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe y activista social. Ahora necesita su ayuda ya que necesita desesperadamente un trasplante de hígado. Ella está en la lista de espera, pero la lista es muy larga y no puede esperar mucho más. Sus médicos le han aconsejado que sería mejor encontrar un donante vivo. Aquí es donde puede ayudar: si conoce a alguien de los años18 a 55, con un IMC inferior a 35 y con buena salud, puede salvar la vida de Marvelyn. ¿Sabías que el hígado se regenera? ¡Lo que significa que puede donar una porción de su hígado sano y volverá a crecer! Por favor considere donar el regalo de la vida a Marvelyn. Dé el primer paso siguiendo este enlace:



Upcoming Events
Próximos Eventos



December/diciembre 7
Congreso del Pueblo with Latinos in Action 2020

December/diciember 11
Poor People’s Campaign/Campaña de la gente pobre







lista de deseos para nuestro trabajo …

¡El piloto de compromiso parroquial en Nuestra Señora del Refugio realmente está despegando! Cada día trabajamos con personas que buscan un hogar, reciben atención médica para ellos o sus familias, solucionamos problemas de inmigración e inseguridad alimentaria. Los martes por la noche ofrecemos productos frescos para cientos de familias y una comida caliente para decenas de personas. Estamos desarrollando una lista de deseos para nuestro programa a medida que avanzamos. Esta semana estamos pidiendo un horno de microondas y un TV/SCREEN con un DVR. El microondas ayudará a calentar los alimentos para las personas que no tienen cocina y la televisión es para nuestro programa semanal de servicio social donde esperamos proporcionar videos educativos para los niños que vienen a nuestra oficina mientras trabajamos con sus padres.

wish list for our work…

The Parish Engagement Pilot at Our Lady of Refuge is really taking off! Each day we work with people seeking a home, getting health care for themselves or their family, resolving immigration issues and food insecurity. On Tuesday nights we provide fresh produce for hundreds of families and provide a hot meal for dozens of people. We are developing a wish list for our program as we go. This week we are asking for a MICROWAVE oven and a television/screen with a DVR. The microwave will help heat up food for folks who do not have a kitchen and the television is for our weekly social service program where we hope to provide educational videos for the children coming to our office as we work with their parents.



Amenazas de la deportación masiva – ¿Qué hacer?
¿Debemos tomar en serio la amenaza de Trump de deportar a millones de personas? Si y no. Al observar el nivel práctico de esta amenaza, el DHS no cuenta con personal para lograr este objetivo … pero no podemos simplemente ignorar la amenaza de Trump porque su política de inmigración está orientada hacia la deportación. Los activistas de inmigración y el Grupo Solidaridad trabajan junto con equipos de acompañamiento que brindan apoyo emocional y espiritual y ayudan a conectarse a los servicios sociales, se respetan los recursos legales para garantizar que se respeta el debido proceso de la Constitución, y los defensores que trabajan para moldear la política pública y responsabilizan a los funcionarios públicos de garantizar que los inmigrantes sean respetados en el trabajo y la escuela, estén seguros en sus comunidades y puedan participar en sus propios asuntos públicos. Esté atento a las ALERTAS DE TEXTO en los próximos días para recibir alertas sobre eventos y acciones que apoyan a nuestra comunidad de inmigrantes en el Valle.

Threats of Mass Deportation – What to do?
Should we take Trump’s threat to deport millions of people seriously?  Yes and no. Looking at this threat form practical level, DHS is not staffed to accomplish this goal….but we cannot simply ignore Trump’s threat because his immigration policy is geared toward deportation.  Immigration activists and Grupo Solidaridad are working alongside accompaniment teams that provide emotional and spiritual support and help connecting to social services, legal resources to ensure due process under the Constitution is respected, and advocates who work to shape public policy and hold public officials accountable to ensure that immigrants are respected at work and school, secure in their communities, and able to engage in their own public affairs.  Watch for TEXT ALERTS over these next few days for alerts on events and actions that support our immigrant community in the Valley. 



A federal appeals court just ruled against Trump on DACA! 



Grupo Solidaridad is a part of an on-going community project of Catholic Charities’ division, Advocacy and Community Engagement.  For more information on how to get involved in Grupo Solidaridad, its activities or other groups associated with Grupo Solidaridad, contact Fr. Jon Pedigo at

Grupo Solidaridad es parte de un proyecto comunitario en curso de la división de Caridades Católicas, Advocacy and Community Engagement (Abogar y Compromiso Comunitario). Para obtener más información sobre cómo participar en Grupo Solidaridad, sus actividades u otros grupos asociados con Grupo Solidaridad, comuníquese con el P. Jon Pedigo en





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