Stop the human rights violations at the border!

As part of a nationwide effort, concerned citizens are visiting the offices of federal legislators to ask that the House of Representatives and /or US Senate conduct immediate hearings on the recent deaths at the hands of ICE/CBP, as well as an immediate formal investigation into the human rights violations reported at the detention camps and the general conditions of the camps. 

Recent reports indicate a chilling turn: our government is planning to move refugees to military bases, removing them from the public eye and putting them completely at the mercy of their jailers. 

We need your help now to demand transparency and stand against these abuses. ICE and CBP must be held accountable and Congress must act now to institute real oversight before it is too late!




Local office phone numbers:

Nancy Pelosi

(415) 556-4862


Zoe Lofgren

(408) 271-8700


Ro Khanna



Anna Eshoo

(408) 245-2339


Sample script:

“I am calling to ask that you push for an immediate investigation into the activities by ICE and CBP at the border, including hearings for the deaths of immigrants that happened under their watch and that if (legislator) has not done so already, that you sign and fight for HB2415 The Dignity For Detained Immigrants Act, to prevent this from continuing to happen in the future. As Americans, we cannot allow human rights abuses to happen in our own country. No matter where someone came from or how they arrived here, the people being detained are human beings and should be treated with dignity and respect. The lack of oversight by an independent agency has fostered an environment of terrible neglect and violence; detainees are becoming ill and traumatized from the terrible conditions, even dying in these detention centers. As a person of conscience, I cannot be silent – I am gravely concerned by this escalating situation and ask that you act now to prevent further abuse.” 



Find your reps email here:


Sample letter:


This initiative was coordinated by our friends from Action Together Connecticut with support from the Action Together Network. 

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